Seeking a beautiful love


What’s on my phone.

I enjoyed reading a Vogue interview with Loyle Carner, so I have re-created it here, except I will be sharing my answers.

Comment your answer to anyone of the questions below.

Describe your phone model, case and background.

📱 iPhone 7

With a transparent case that has a Polaroid photo fitted into it.

I love that Polaroid because it was taken by accident on the 4th of July 2018 in my Vietnamese friend’s hometown of Do Luong, Vietnam and on it she wrote “Keep the memories. Keep your smile Gabby.”

My background is currently, a photograph of many seashells taken at a beach in France by my French friend who is a photographer.

What time does your alarm go off?

Monday – Friday 5:30AM

Then I follow it up with a 6AM one

What’s the first app you check in the morning?


How often do you drop your phone?

Not often

How many notifications do you have right now?


Share the last text you received and the last text you sent.

Received: Cultures are diff


Describe the three most recent photos you took.

I took a photo of an old mustard typewriter with missing letters. I spotted it outside a restaurant and instantly was drawn to it because of my love for things of old and writing.

I took a photo of a minions Polaroid in which I was on a couch with my niece and nephew who were dressed up as superheroes.

I took a photo of another Polaroid I took of my nephew who was dressed up as Captain America for church.

When was the last time you took a selfie – and are you any good at it?

On Sunday, in front of a bar with my friend. It featured an LED banana which I thought was cool. The SNOW app definitely makes me selfies look cooler.

Who do you follow most obsessively on Instagram?

All my friends! I try to keep up with all of their stories.

Summarize your life right now as if it were a Tweet.

Where do I begin? I’m grateful.

What’s the best Snapchat filter.

Me no have Snapchat.

What’s the last video you watched on YouTube that made you really laugh?

Makeup trends that need to stop by Cheedz.

What’s your most embarrassing recent google search?

FFS meaning

Who’s the most random contact in your phone?

Denzel Washington 🤔

What’s the weirdest group chat that you’re apart of?

Hiking and pick up lines

What’s your most used abbreviation? And your favorite emoji?



My version of famous lyrics

I am a lover of music even as I write this my ears are soaked with sounds that musicians make. Never the less, lyrics make me think. In this instance it’s made me think of an alternative lyric to the ones I have heard in some songs I really like.

Poetic Justice by Kendrick Lamar

From time by Drake

Celebrate by Little Dragon

Comment what you think of my version of these famous song lyrics.

You can also throw in song suggestions.